Gahanna Soccer Association

Rules for GSA u-7 Co-ed

  1. Play shall be conducted as 4 vs 4 without keepers and using a size #3 ball. Substitutions may be made at the mid-line ONLY by either team during ANY stoppage due to the ball going out of play.
  2. A match shall consist of four 10 minutes quarters, with 2 minutes between quarters and a half time period of no less than 5 minutes and no longer than 8 minutes.
  3. The execution of a slide tackle in Rec. minor is NOT permitted and shall result in an indirect free kick for the non-offending team.
  4. There are to be NO penalty kicks awarded or taken.
  5. Any & all free kicks are to be indirect. Opponents may be no closer than 10 yards.
  6. On goal kicks, the opposing team must be beyond the midfield line, on their own half of the field.
  7. Off sides DOES NOT exist for this age level.
  8. Throw-ins ARE now a part of play, however poorly executed throw-ins do not stop play as long as the ball enters the pitch. The throw is retaken if ball does not enter pitch.
  9. Handballs MUST BE FULLY DELIBERATE to be called.
  10. All other laws of the game shall be followed.
  11. Scores shall not be kept by the coaches.
  12. Teams are to bench between the fields. Parents and supporters are REQUIRED to remain on the opposite side of the pitch.
  13. Coaches, parents and supporter ARE NOT permitted on the pitch during play. All coaches must coach from the team bench on the sidelines.

Ball in & Ball out of Play

A player may be outside the marked pitch and play the ball so long as the ball remains within the marked boundaries of the pitch. The ball is not consider out of play until completely over the marked boundary of the pitch, whether on the ground or in the air.