Gahanna Soccer Association

Rules for GSA U-6 Co-ed

  1. Play in conducted as 4 vs. 4 using a size #3 ball. Players should be encouraged to play both offense and defense. There are no goalkeepers; therefore, players should not be parked in front of a goal.
  2. A match consists of four quarters, with each quarter being 8 minutes in length. Take two-to-three minute quarter breaks and a five minute halftime break. This should give players plenty of time to rest. Games are scheduled one hour apart. Therefore, you have one hour to complete the game.
  3. We do not use referees. Coaches and assistant coaches monitor the games. Coaches may be on the pitch but should be there to keep the game moving.
  4. Kids at this age do not intentionally foul. Their motor coordination is not fully developed so they will run into each other and will trip and fall. If a child deliberately runs into other children, coaches should instruct him/her not to do so, give them a couple of chances and if it continues, that player would sit out for a minute or two.
  5. We do not enforce handling (handball) rules. At this age kids are afraid of getting hit and use their hands to protect themselves. If a player picks the ball up, just call out "no hands" and keep reminding them.
  6. Offside does not exist at this age level.
  7. We are doing throw-ins from the place the ball went out, if it goes out at the end line it moves to the corner for a throw-in. There are no goal kicks so their throw-in will also be at the corner.
  8. There are no other penalties to govern play other than safe and fair play. If a player falls down and is in danger of being hurt, coaches should stop the game immediately. Players should be coached to get up quickly after falling down.
  9. We do not record scores; however, coaches are encouraged to make the games a competitive and evenly matched as possible. This may require adjusting the players on the team after the first quarter. Sometimes it is actually best to have a player switch shirts and play for the other team. This can help if one team is short of players and also if one team is much stronger than the other.