Gahanna Soccer Association

Rules for GSA U-5 Co-ed

  1. Play shall be conducted as 4 vs 4 without a goalkeeper and using a size #3 ball. Substitutions may be made by either team during ANY stoppage in play.
  2. A match shall consist of four 6-minute quarters, with 2 minutes between quarters and a half time period of no less than 3 minutes and no longer than 5 minutes.
  3. The purpose of this league is to introduce the game to our youngest players. There should be as few stoppages in play as possible. We want these players to be touching and chasing the ball as much as possible.
  4. Players in this league may fall and run into each other. Play should not be stopped unless there is a risk of injury and neither fouls nor handling should be called.
  5. All restarts, including goals, will be executed by an adult rolling the ball into the middle of the field.
  6. A ball will be considered to be in bounds even if it is a foot or so out of bounds as long as the players are trying to bring it back on the field. If a ball is clearly out of bounds and the players are not trying to bring it back on the field, any spectator may roll the ball back onto the field toward the center line. Thus there are no throw-ins, goal kicks, corner kicks or kick-offs.
  7. One Coach, Assistant, or volunteer may be on the field from each team to keep the game moving and ensure player safety.
  8. There are NO referees assigned to these games. Coaches are responsible for organizing the teams, running the games and keeping track of time.
  9. Score is not kept. However, coaches are encouraged to make the games as evenly matched as possible.
  10. Teams are to bench between the fields. Parents and supporters are REQUIRED to remain on the opposite side of the pitch.