Gahanna Soccer Association

Expectations and Developmental Goals

  1. All players should play at least 50% of the match in all games (league or tournament play) regardless of ability.
  2. Teams should have at least 2 but no more than a total of 3 meetings per week for practice or games.
  3. Players should understand offensive and defensive positioning (Ball side/Goal side).
  4. Players should be able to execute "give and go" passes and overlapping runs.
  5. Players should be able to receive and control a ball played to them on the ground and in the air. They should be able to receive the ball with their feet, legs, chest, and head and have it close to them to pass or dribble.
  6. Players should be able to execute a pass under pressure with both the inside and outside of both feet.
  7. Players should be able to shield the ball while calling for support.
  8. Players are expected to execute a throw-in and should know how to create space to receive the ball.
  9. Players should know the difference between a direct and indirect kick and basic strategies for taking either one.
  10. All players should know the basic techniques for striking the ball with power for goal kicks, corner kicks, and direct/indirect kicks. Players should know the techniques for "bending" a ball.
  11. Players should be able to execute multiple fakes, moves, and turns to beat players one on one.
  12. Coaches are encouraged to complete the USYSA Grassroots course, or the United Soccer Coaches 11v11 course.
  13. Coaches are encouraged to improve their knowledge of the game by playing in the adult league.