Gahanna Soccer Association

GSA Spring Picture Day Location Changed

Due to the expected rain this evening and cool temperatures tomorrow, we will be using the Gahanna Senior Center for GSA's Spring Picture Day.

GSA PICTURE DAY:  Sunday April 25, 2021

LOCATION:  Gahanna Senior Center (480 Rocky Fork Blvd, Gahanna, OH 43230)


10:00am    HS Coed  Blue Lions

10:15am    MS Girls  Mavericks

10:15am    MS Girls  Rebels

10:30am    MS Annihilators

10:45am    U12 Girls  Fireballs

10:45am    U12 Girls  Breakouts

11:00am    U12 Coed  Rockets

11:00am    U12 Coed  Stars

11:15am    U12 Coed  Comets

11:15am    U12 Coed  Galaxy

11:30am    U10 Girls  Majesties

11:30am    U10 Girls  Royals

11:45am    U10 Girls  Conquerors

11:45am    U10 Girls  Highlanders

12:00pm    U10 Coed  Tigers

12:00pm    U10 Coed  Wolves

12:15pm    U10 Coed  Lions

12:15pm    U10 Coed  Panthers

12:30pm    U10 Coed  Dragons

12:30pm    U10 Coed  Falcons

12:45pm    U10 Coed  Badgers

12:45pm    U10 Coed  Bears

1:00pm      U8 Coed  Portland Timbers

1:00pm      U8 Coed  Seattle Sounders

1:15pm      U8 Coed  NY Red Bulls

1:15pm      U8 Coed  Philadephia Union

1:30pm      U8 Coed  LA Galaxy

1:30pm      U8 Coed  Minnesota United

1:45pm      U8 Coed  Atlanta United

1:45pm      U8 Coed  Chicago Fire

2:00pm      U7 Coed  Shockers

2:00pm      U7 Coed  Smashers

2:15pm      U7 Coed  Force

2:15pm      U7 Coed  Grinders

2:30pm      U7 Coed  Demolition

2:30pm      U7 Coed  Explosion

2:45pm      U7 Coed  Collision

2:45pm      U7 Coed  Crash

3:00pm      U7 Coed  Blitz

3:00pm      U7 Coed  Bulldozers

3:15pm      U7 Coed  Blast

3:15pm      U7 Coed  Jolts

3:15pm      U6 Coed  Wild Fire

3:30pm      U6 Coed  Tornadoes

3:30pm      U6 Coed  Tsunamis

3:45pm      U6 Coed  Storm

3:45pm      U6 Coed  Monsoons

4:00pm      U6 Coed  Ice

4:00pm      U6 Coed  Lightning

4:15pm      U6 Coed  Freeze

4:15pm      U6 Coed  Hurricanes

4:30pm      U6 Coed  Cyclones

4:30pm      U6 Coed  Earthquakes

4:45pm      U6 Coed  Avalanche

4:45pm      U6 Coed  Blizzards

5:00pm      U5 Coed  Pirates

5:00pm      U5 Coed  Turbos

5:15pm      U5 Coed  Octonauts

5:15pm      U5 Coed  Paw Patrols

5:30pm      U5 Coed  Incredibles

5:30pm      U5 Coed  Ninja Turtles

5:45pm      U5 Coed  Avengers

5:45pm      U5 Coed  Cars