Gahanna Soccer Association

March 28 Update

This week we were informed that all Gahanna parks will be closed through the month of April. There is still some discussion being had to determine if that includes the first weekend of May as well. This closure is fluid at this time and will depend on how things go over the next few weeks. As things stand now, we are planning the following dates for the Spring 2020 season.

  • May 1
    • Practices may resume
  • May 3
    • Adult league begins
  • May 7
    • Final Uniform Sale at Headley Park from 6-8 PM
  • May 9
    • All leagues begin play (U-12 and Middle School [MSSA] may begin sooner)
  • June 13
    • U-12 and MSSA Tournaments
  • June 27
    • Expected league end date for Soccer Sprouts and Youth Leagues