Gahanna Soccer Association

5) Safety Guidelines for Practices and Games

  1. Hand Sanitizer
    1. On game days at Headley Park, each field will have two spray bottles of hand sanitizer available at the field; one for each team. If the spray bottles are not at the field, they will be available at the office, or the concession stand.
    2. Travel teams are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer with them if the destination facility does not provide it, or it is unknown whether it will be provided.
    3. Coaches are encouraged to bring their own bottle of hand sanitizer to practices and make it available to players that do not have their own.
  2. No sharing of equipment
    1. Players may not share any equipment with one another except for soccer balls.
    2. Any equipment provided by the coach should be properly washed and/or sanitized before its next use.
  3. Post-game handshakes, tunnels, and celebrations
    1. There will be no post-game handshakes between the teams. Instead, the teams will line up on opposite sides of the center line, wave to their opponents, and let them know they had a good game, or offer some other kind phrase.
    2. Younger teams will not be allowed to run the “tunnel” – where parents stand in two lines, shoulder-to-shoulder, with their arms extended outward to form a tunnel for the kids to run through.
    3. Coaches and parents are encouraged to come up with fun, creative ways for the players to have a quick post-game celebration that still follows social distancing requirements.