Gahanna Soccer Association

3) Arrival at GSA Venue

Arrival to all venues for Gahanna Soccer Association will have some new procedures Some of these procedures will include parking, designated warmup/waiting area before games, and other policies for each venue. Gahanna Soccer Association will provide game schedules and practice spaces that will allow for adherence to these policies and procedures. In addition, coaches parents and players, conduct a daily symptom assessment, as defined in the State Of Ohio Responsible Restart Ohio for youth, collegiate, amateur, club, and pro sports.

As a recommendation, we strongly urge parents to only bring members of your household to the game. If you know others will be attending, we also suggest notifying your coach of any others that may be attending the game on your child’s behalf.

  1. Designated entry and exit paths

    Spectators, coaches, and players must use the designated entry and exit paths to and from the parking lot to their practice or game field. (See Headley Park map).

  2. Social Distancing required

    A minimum of 6 feet social distancing must always be maintained between families/groups, including, but not limited to:

    1. Walking to or from the parking lot to their field of play
    2. Waiting in line at the concession stand
  3. Face coverings required

    Spectators, coaches, and players must always wear a face covering when moving from the parking lot to their practice or game location. See Section 4, Approaching the Field, for mask requirements in the bench and spectator areas at the fields.

  4. Bring your own seats

    Seating will not be provided at the parks. GSA venues will have a bring your own chair policy. This will extend to all coaches, parents, and players. Portable benches will not be permitted for team use.

  5. No congregating

    No congregating will be permitted before or after practices or games. Once a practice or game is complete, players and parents are expected to collect their belongings and depart the facility.

  6. Weekdays

    GSA will only be scheduling one time slot for games during the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday). There will be no warm-up area prior to the game. Coaches, Parents and Players can feel free to approach their field of play while following the guidelines in section 4 of this document, Approaching the Field.

  7. Weekends and Warmup/Waiting Areas
    1. On Weekends (Saturday, Sunday), GSA will have multiple timeslots for games. GSA will, to the best of its ability, provide schedules and game times that will allow for easy adherence to the policies and procedures.
    2. Each 40x60 (U-8 and U-10), 50x80 (U-12), and full size field will have a waiting/warmup area prior to your timeslot on the field, if and only if your field is occupied prior to your game start time. There will be no waiting areas for U-5, U-6, and U-7 games. Instead, larger time gaps between games will be established to allow teams to depart before the next team’s arrival.
    3. If your designated field for a game is in use upon arrival, you must go to your designated warmup area or return to your vehicle.
    4. Players, parents, and coaches must wait for previous teams and their parties to completely vacate the field before approaching the bench and spectator areas.
    5. Entry and exit paths into and out of the soccer park will be established. In some cases, your exit area may be farther away from your field than the entrance, or vice versa.
    6. Teams are encouraged to not schedule weekend practices once games have begun.
  8. No Team Snacks
    Teams are not permitted to bring snacks for pre-game, post-game, or during the game. Players may bring their own snack for their consumption, but they cannot be shared with the team, coaches, or non-family members.