Gahanna Soccer Association

Training & Practice Areas

Teams train at times and locations determined by the head coach with input from parents. If possible, teams should set up a training schedule for the pre-season and the season. In virtually all of our divisions, we should be working on individual skills with very little training time being devoted to tactics. A painted field and regulation goals are not necessary or even desirable for most of the training that should be done. For suggestions on training appropriate for your age group, please consult with your Commissioner.

GSA, in cooperation with the Gahanna Parks and Recreation Department, has designated certain areas of the following parks for soccer training.


Bryn Mawr Park (U5 and U6 Teams)
1082 Riva Ridge Boulevard
Shull Park (U7 and U8 Teams)
236 Granville St.
McCorkle Park (Tuesday & Thursday)
U10 and U12 in Upper Park
200 McCutcheon Rd

MS and HS in Lower Park (Everyday)
425 Olde Ridenour Rd

Sunpoint Park (U10 and U12)

670 McCutcheon Rd

Friendship Park
150 Oklahoma Ave


Hunter's Ridge Pool Park (Greenspace)

341 Harrow Blvd



Teams may not practice at Headley Park, Hannah Park, Academy Park, Woodside Green Park, or Veterans Memorial Park.

Please note that, unlike in years past, GSA does not have a usage agreement with Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools and the school fields should not be used. We realize that many teams have been using the school fields for many years and apologize for the inconvenience.

If a team wishes to train at a location not previously mentioned above, they may do so as long as they have permission from the property owner, municipality, or other person responsible for permitting activities. However, if any costs are incurred to use the property, GSA will not reimburse those fees. They would be the sole responsibility of the team.