Gahanna Soccer Association

Weather Policy

Last updated May 2, 2022

To check the status of fields operated by the Gahanna Department of Parks and Recreation, call (614) 333-1211 or visit

In rare circumstances, a field may be open even though the weather line indicates that it is closed. In that event, your coach or commissioner will inform you if events are canceled.

If it begins to storm:

If anyone hears thunder or sees lightning the game/practice must be suspended and everyone must vacate the field and go to their cars or an available permanent shelter. The event will be suspended for 30 minutes. Each occurrence of either thunder or lightning becomes the new baseline for a 30 minute delay. If the referee determines that conditions will not improve, the game will remain suspended.

This policy also applies to when an event can start. For example, if a practice or game is scheduled to begin at 6pm, but someone heard thunder at 5:45, the event may not begin until 6:15; 30 minutes after the last instance of thunder or lightning.

If it starts to rain:

Rain alone does not automatically cancel an event. Once a game starts, the licensed official in charge determines whether field conditions are safe for play. If a licensed official is not in charge, the coaches shall confer and determine whether the fields are safe for play. If either coach deems the field to be unsafe, then the game is cancelled.

If it is raining at a practice, the coach shall determine if the practice should continue. If the conditions become unsafe, the practice should be terminated.

Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Watch or Warning

If a Tornado or Severe Thunderstorm Watch is issued by the National Weather Service, it is recommended that coaches cancel any practices scheduled that fall within the watch period. If a Tornado or Severe Thunderstorm Warning is issued, then all events will be cancelled by GSA.